Two Horses (Platinum)

Kim Il Tae

Two Horses (Platinum) (2019)

South Korea
57.5 cm x 40 cm
22.64 inch x 15.75 inch
Mixed Platinum & Oil On Canvas
Frame is included
Shipping fees may apply
Certification of Authenticity by Aureo Gallery

Artist Recognition

Brand Laureate Best Brands Awards (2018)

Artwork Details

Canvas Size: 57.5 cm x 40 cm
Frame Size: 83 cm x 65.5 cm
Medium: Mixed Platinum & Oil On Canvas

Artwork Description

Horses are energetic animals that played an important role in eastern history, they have a great reputation in winning wars and battles. Throughout history, art has been used to tell stories of special relationships between horses and humans. In Oriental culture, horses have always been regarded as auspicious. Kim’s paintings highlighted the golden horses’ noble character of elegant temperament, liveliness and high spiritedness.



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