Ryan San

Ryan San

Hong Kong | 1988

Ryan San is a Chinese Hong Kong contemporary artist. He has been acknowledged as one of the most active young artists from Hong Kong in recent years. Ryan graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, often noted as one of the best art schools in Asia. His works are inspired by autobiographical accounts, psychological experiences and the beauty of nature. Influenced by abstract expressionism and pop art, his admiration for surrealism also reflected in his unique style of work.

Ryan’s signature works surrounding the malleability of flowers have been hailed as auspicious pieces. He figuratively captured the energy of the universe transpired through these short-lived but energetic blooms, and expressed it fully in his paintings to share with the world. He is constantly experimenting with empty works and live performances, creating a sense of suspense while combining bold colours to create a new era of silence.

In 2018, Ryan was invited to perform live painting on stage at the Government House of Hong Kong. In the same year, he was also invited by members of Malaysian royal family to perform at GOLD A-Heart Charity Dinner in front of 1,000+ distinguished guests. In 2019, the General Chamber of Commerce of China invited him to perform at their annual dinner in Beijing.

Ryan’s artworks have made its presence in many prestigious art exhibitions in China, Hong Kong and Malaysia including a solo exhibition in Art Plus Shanghai, Asia Contemporary Art Show, and Art Expo Malaysia. His works are well received by the public, giving him opportunities to collaborate with a number of world-renowned brands such as JOYCE, Lane Crawford, Li Jia Jie Cherished Life Fund, Longchamp, HSBC and Roger Vivier.

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