Pip of Art

Pip of Art (Khainifa Khalil)

Malaysia | 1982

Khainifa Khalil (1982), also known as Pip of Art, is an artist based in Seremban, Malaysia. She is best known for her vivid expressionism and abstract acrylic paintings that are heavily inspired by what she experiences in scenery, nature, patterns, and architecture.

Khainifa’s interest in art started in her teenage years, yet she never had the chance to pursue her passion as a career. A turning point in the year 2019 gave her the opportunity to pick up the brush and embark on a therapeutic journey while she battles cancer. It was a transformational journey that shaped her art as we see now, where she lends her heart onto canvases.

“My focus is to spread happiness and love with whoever comes across my art. I believe art can do wonders to the world and I want to be able to transform the world into a happier place day by day. ” – Khainifa Khalil

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