Jeganathan Ramachandram

Jeganathan Ramachandram

Malaysia | 1962

Born in Malaysia, Jeganathan Ramachandram (1962 – 2021) entered the art scene more than thirty-five years ago and has since received widespread acclaim as an artist who creates with total clarity. He was a multidisciplinary research artist renowned for merging the Art with Science, Sound with Light Play, and Poetry with Visual Art. Through symbolic expressionism, the main essence of his works seek to uncover the deepest meaning and mysteries of life.

His artistic vision often interweaves between the future and the past, as he expresses on canvas in the flow of the moment. His works often take his audiences on a journey through cosmic and multi-dimensional spaces, simultaneously shedding light on human connection with the universe.

Since 1984, his successful artistic career has seen many of his works exhibited and sold at exhibitions around the world, including the National Art Gallery of Malaysia, Art House Singapore, Mumbai Art Festival, Gaya Gallery Bali, and Pall Mall London. In his student days, Jeganathan studied Traditional Indian Painting (Tanjore Art) for 3 years in India, as well as Granite Sculpturing, Woodcarving, and Indian Classical Music.

Besides art on canvas, Jeganathan worked on a series of revolutionary art installations that converges art, sound and visual technology that aspires to provide his visitors a one-of-a-kind rejuvenation experience. He was a testament of a true artist that through art, empowers us with a new perspective on the way we view life and the way we live.

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