Jake Lee

Jake Lee

South Korea | 1975

Jake Lee (b. 1975) is a South Korean artist and sculptor. His works reflect a contemporary style with exquisite finishing that showcases fine attention to detail and quality. With years of experience in automobile and album jacket design, he picked up valuable skills and knowledge in the material field. Using unsaturated polyester resin and glass fibre as his main materials, Lee produced different series of contemporary sculptures inspired by fruits, animals and nature. One of his series titled ‘Bone’ features the remake of a human skull and studies the relationship between humans, nature and existence.

Over the years, aesthetics and design became a natural element of his creations. In his recent works, he explored producing sculptures using the newest material of carbon fibre. Being light but strong, carbon fibre is often favoured in the making of aircraft and luxury sports cars. The process of making the carbon part into a beautiful shape requires extremely difficult technology and expertise. This is a testament to Jake Lee’s passion to produce works of exceptional quality.

Since 2015, his works have been featured in many media, magazines, locations and Korean TV Dramas in his home country. Some of his high-profile commercial clients include Lotte Duty Free, Lotte Holidays, Disney Pixar, LG, Mercedes-Benz and Jeju Air to name a few. It is the personal desire of JakeLee to communicate to the masses and spread the emotion of fun, joy and nostalgia through his works. Eye-catching and visually appealing, Lee’s sculptures make a great statement piece wherever they are displayed.


From childhood to adulthood, we feel a lot of nostalgia and emotions in daily necessities and natural objects such as longing. When I think of props or natural objects that I have treated and used with great care, I feel that many memories and emotions of that time have been transferred and come to mind like in movies and dramas. For me, it’s something I want to have, but it can be a memory for someone else.

From inexpensive items to luxury items, from small items to large items, we are drawing inspiration from various materials including natural objects. I want to recall emotions such as joy, fun and memories with people and communicate it to the public.

I want my works to be filled with emotions that I can connect with, recall, and enjoy as much as the time when I encounter a beautiful message that can be remembered, healed, rejoiced, and missed by hard and tired modern people.

——Jake Lee

Material: Carbon Fibre

Carbon is interpreted as the original substance. The material of carbon is cultivated in deep ground under high heat and great pressure. Through a harsh process of carbonization at 1000℃~1500℃ and heat treatment at a high temperature of 2500℃~3000℃ again, humans produce carbon fibre.

Compared to iron, it weighs only a quarter but has ten times the strength and seven times the elasticity. Corrosion resistance, conductivity and heat resistance are also very high. It is lightweight and sturdy, eco-friendly and rust-free, so it has a long service life.

These properties have made carbon fibre very popular in aerospace, civil engineering, military, and motorsports as well as in supercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce etc. To make a piece of carbon 5mm wide and 5mm long into a beautiful shape and requires a high level of skill and knowledge. Carbon fibre is also a more expensive material when compared to glass fibre and plastic fibre.

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