J Young

J Young

South Korea | 1964

J Young (also known as Jaiyoung Jeong), is a South Korean artist born in 1964.

Grew up in a small rural village in Gyeongsang Province, he has always liked painting and became interested in architecture and design. He moved to Seoul later on in 1983, stepping onto a journey to build his career as an artist and experiencing a new world and culture in the complicated urban life.

In 1990, he graduated from the Hongik University of Fine Arts in Seoul, where he later earned his master’s degree from the same institution. He has also won numerous awards in Korea, including the Central Art Contest Grand Prix (1992) and the National Art Exhibition Grand Prix (1993), among many others.

J Young had his first solo exhibition in 1994, and since then, he has participated in overseas art fairs including Art Stage Singapore, Art Cologne in Germany, Art Paris Art Fair in France, Chicago Art Fair, and various other Europe and US art fairs. He has also presented his solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Berlin, Munich, and New York.


Formation of nature had begun before the birth of a human. Based on the formation, human beings were born and a social community was established. Humans created languages and symbols to interact a long time ago which led to the establishment of current modern society yet still pursuing future society. Our society and civilization have kept changing and evolving.

I thought about how weak humans are in history and all things in the universe. A dust-like and short history of mankind includes countless emotions such as conflict, anger, happiness, love, jealousy, beauty, and many others. Happiness and misery coexist under social problems, wars and terrors, religious conflicts, and death from diseases. Thus, human society is very complicated.

I want to be free as an artist in the complicated modern society and I create unique artworks by utilizing the rich idea of mine. Therefore, I always recollect the grandeur of nature forming the land we are living in and the universe and Mother Nature and understand modern society’s problems by comparing modern society with the history and the birth of Mother Nature and derive inspiration from introspection and doubts from it for my artworks.

——J Young

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