Malaysia | 1982

Born 1982 in Kuantan, Malaysia, Yap Chun-Yu is a contemporary artist who has won countless honours in various calligraphy and art competitions.

Chun-Yu works mostly revolving around the preposition of happiness. All the worldly pursuits of fame and wealth by men are, to its core, traceable and deeply tied to their quest for happiness. On contrary to the rigorous and pure reasoning employed by various philosophers in pursuing the subject, Chun-Yu opts a relaxed and almost rebellious way of interpretation to the philosophers. He intends to interpret such a broad preposition by approaching the subjects with the blend of vividly colourfulness and mischievous form in order to visualize his idea.

Happiness is a fluid and subjective idea and this nature invite Chun-Yu’s diverse and multi façade interpretations over the prepositions. Using acrylic as his primary creative medium, Chun-Yu approaches happiness at different discourses and its representation under different dimensions and circumstances.

Chun-Yu’s first prominent collector is none other than DYTM Raja Puan Muda Perlis, a member of Malaysian royalty. DYTM Raja Puan Muda Perlis found and took a liking to Chun-Yu works during a 2018 charity night and bought it as a part of her philanthropic effort.

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