Anna Karina Jardin

Anna Karina Jardin

Philippines | 1989

“We can talk about peace and all sorts as much as we can. But how we can define it through what we have, creates a true discussion and bond.” – Anna Karina Jardin

Anna Karina Jardin is a Filipino female artist based in Malaysia. Being born and raised in the Philippines, she was exposed to the vibrant art scene that her country has.

Jardin took inspiration from KiuKok, Malang, Abad, Kurasov and Picasso, and melange it with her cultural immersions and learnings as an extensive traveller to develop her stylized analytical cubism works that tell stories of inspiration and motivation of people that she touch-based with; her heritage, aspirations and observations as a modern Filipina living overseas.

A staunch advocate of community development through arts, she founded Artdialogo Asia. Her exemplar work in promoting cultural understanding, and youth and children empowerment through arts and arts education has been cited by several institutions and government bodies across the world.

Inspiration: Soliloquy by the window

“Well done young lady for you have learned to comprehend the love letters of the time while walking through the field of withered greens, and turbulent winds of change. Carry along, whisper your desires to the gust, the universe needs to know the tenacity of what you desire.
Sing your sonnets to the skies and seal your faith; take those golden lessons to heart and free yourself from the shackles of chances. Sing story at the top of your lungs with glee for you did not squander those chances… Go sing your truth in every window you open.”

Jardin’s distinctive style is a melange of eclectic, analytical cubism and expressionism. The series portrays negative emotions that the artists had to embrace to traverse into the pandemic, explore possibilities and grow emotionally and spiritually. The pandemic has given everyone of us a space to unravel treasures that we have kept in oblivion; rekindle passions that were long gone; and value the synergy of our relationships. We may be in different vessels but we are travelling through the same sea as very evident to what we have created with the status quo. Fleeting time that we had in our hands for a year moulded each and everyone of us a mirror of our existence that sees our frustration, aspirations and the complexity of our emotions.

The artist converses her truth — the bad and the ugly that she saw in herself and the phenomenon around her. It is a revelation and a debut of the artist herself as she sings out her soliloquy by the window.

Curatorial Note:
The repetitive geometrical figure is a representation of opportunities and chances (window).

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